Post-production ‘Wind Spiele’ completed

Wind Spiele

17 Feb Post-production ‘Wind Spiele’ completed

The short film Wind Spiele, written and directed by Alina Frieske and produced by Ilse Cuevas in co-production with Buzz Media, is ready to go into the world. After filming in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany last week the post-production of the film was completed. February 17th there will be a private screening for cast and crew.

Wind Spiele is a poetic short film in which dance plays an important role. Tatjana loves to dance since her childhood. Her dream is to have a career as a professional dancer. That is why she does not miss any audition to hope for the chance to get accepted at a dance academy. Her father sees the dance as a waste of time and wants her to start studying to have a good reputation and a secure future. Being torn between her dream and her duty, something unexpected occurs and she goes on a journey to discover her position in life.

Actors in this film are Iulia Maracine as Tatjana Barna and Andreas Külzer as Ervin Barna.