‘(OLD)fashion(ed)’ (2014)

Marijn Vanderheijden, Miquel Steps / documentary / the Netherlands / 2014 / 7'
Produced by Guido Franken
About This Project

Four choreographers, four fashion designers were inspired by crafts like metal shaping, papermaking, wheat weaving and syrup making.  They created four danced fashion shows or four fashionable dance works, with untrained dancers between the ages of 63 and 80. In this short documentary we follow the creation of the work ‘Stroop’ (syrup). The traditional process of making syrup requires time and focus, and is imbued with ripeness. Just as the older body is imbued with a history. Ronald Wintjens and Sabine Staartjes immersed their dancers in this black syrupiness, in search of the darker sides as well as the golden sheen of this sticky richness.


  • Limburg Doc
  • Nederlandse Dansdagen 2014
  • FASHIONCLASH festival 2014