‘Mischa’ and ‘All There Is’ still going strong

Mischa 3

08 Jan ‘Mischa’ and ‘All There Is’ still going strong

After all the great festival selections and several prices in 2015, our shorts ‘Mischa’ and ‘All There Is’ still going strong in 2016. Already eight new official selections are confirmed.

‘All There Is’, a family friendly film about a girl and father in a destroyed and abandoned world, is visiting MiCe Film Festival (Spain), Providence Children’s Film Festival (USA) and Love Your Shorts Film Festival (USA) within the next months.

Our beloved astronaut ‘Mischa’ will land at Euregion Shorts Film Festival (Netherlands), Los Angeles CineFest (USA), Artfools Video Festival (Greece), Las Vegas Galaxy Awards (USA) and Headline International Film Festival (USA).

We thank all the lovely festivals and hope to visit even more this year!