‘All There Is’ going Down Under


13 Oct ‘All There Is’ going Down Under

Our short ‘All There Is’, directed by Jeroen Mourmans, has been selected for the Adelaide Kids Film Festival. Automatically, the film will be in the running for the awards of the festival.The festive

In ‘All There Is’ a father struggles not to give in to his ever growing desperation in front of his young daughter, while she on the other hand is running out of ways to make him stop worrying and show him there still is hope. But when she looses a tooth eating the last remaining food she comes up with a plan: summoning the Tooth Fairy to trade the tooth under her pillow for a coin will show her father nothing is impossible, even in this world! Childish and naive … or?

The Adelaide Kids Film Festival will be held Ochter 23 – 31st in Adelaide, Australia.